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The European Refund Directive Group

The group's objective is to provide feedback on the implementation of the VAT Refund Directive in Europe and LinkedIn buttonshare problems/ideas thereon. There have been huge delays and problems with the implementation of the Refund Directive and many organisations have been left on their own to understand and try to implement the new legislation. This group serves as a forum for members to share experiences, provide advice and submit feedback regarding issues and challenges posed by the directive.


The "VAT for SAP" group has been created to help our event attendees to maximise the benefit they get from one LinkedIn buttonof our VAT events. We have restricted access to this group so that we can keep the content and members as relevant to you as possible. This group is not focused on being the biggest group on linkedin but being one of quality to its members.


The content and topics that will be discussed in this group cover the most practical issues affecting companies that run SAP R/3.

  • Plants abroad
  • Intrastats and ECSL
  • Sales documents
  • Automated VAT determination incoming IDocs / EDI (OBCD versus other techniques)
  • Pricing procedures, access sequences, condition types
  • Enhancements & developments: techniques and approaches
  • Making most out of limited tax codes
  • Country tax procedures vs grouped tax procedures
  • Senarios where standard SAP determines the incorrect VAT treatment
  • Tax engines : pros and cons
  • Automating tax code determination for AP invoices
  • VAT reporting and electronic submission
  • VAT reporting tools
  • Analysing important OSS notes and discussing implications.