Special German tax audits generated an extra € 2.3 billion in revenue during 2012


In 2012 Special VAT audit raised additional tax earnings of about €2.3 bn

According to the statistics kept by the supreme Finance Authorities of the federal states, special VAT audits held in 2012 caused additional tax earnings of about 2.3 bn. Findings made by special VAT auditors or tax investigators in the scope of general audits or other audits are not included in these additional earnings.

Special VAT audits are undertaken irrespective of the cycle of general audits and irrespective of company size. 91,198 special VAT audits were undertaken in 2012. On annual average 1,904 special VAT auditors were involved. Each auditor undertook 48 special VAT audits on average. This means that each auditor appointed made an average of roughly € 1.2m in additional tax earnings.

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