ACCA Webinar - Practical VAT for businesses that Trade Cross-Border

Accounts Receivable

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Date:         20th November
Time:        2PM (UK)
Duration:  60 Mins
Location:  Hosted in the Accounting and Business Virtual Briefing Centre

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Meridian’s international VAT experts will tell you what you need to know from an accounts receivable point of view to be able to deal with VAT with confidence.  They will give you an understanding of the issues, and of the questions that may need to be asked, as well as a logic that you can apply to any situation in any business.  Following the webinar, you will be able to determine:

When VAT should and should not be charged;  

When you may have a liability to register for VAT in other countries;

Which country’s VAT should be charged, and at what rate;

What details need to appear on a valid sales invoice;

The significance of correctly accounting for invoices that are issued without VAT.

Should you wish to discuss this or if you would like further information please contact us by:

Tel: +44 208 601 4602

Featured Speaker:

Paul Quigley - Director, International VAT Consulting

Paul Quigley      Paul Quigley is Director of International VAT Consulting with Meridian Global    

      Services. He started his career in VAT as an inspector with the UK tax authorities,

      HM Customs & Excise, in London. He then went on to work for KPMG in London,  

      where he specialised in retail, manufacturing and international VAT. Prior to joining

      Meridian, Paul was working for Deloitte in London, Moscow and Prague. He now      

      specialises in the provision of international VAT advice and related services to a broad

      range of Meridian's multi-national clients.

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